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Meat ingredients by innovation, developed through experience and knowledge!

Our products:

Through a wide network of global distributors, Pintar Food Solutions is able to reaches every corner of the earth. Our distributors are our closest partners in their regional markets, and this brings our customers every logistical and technological solutions they prefer.

Our business is strongly focused on the poultry, fish and meat industry. By working on high technological developments, Pintar Food Solutions is able to support her partners in developing long-term and sustainable solutions for every market and region in the world.

With more than 40 years of experience in the international product and business development, our team has the highest possible knowledge of combining functional ingredients for every market and application in the meat, fish and poultry industry. We are able to combine high technological knowledge with practical meat processing experience.

Pintar Food Solutions prefers cooperation above competition. Because of our close cooperation with our business partner Mastermix (part of the Korrel Beheer), we are able to combine our technological knowledge and experience with the decades of experience and knowledge of the highest level of Mastermix in production and quality control.