Danine 10

A liquid food ingredient product which re-activates the natural waterbinding properties of proteins.

 This results is a significant improvement of the natural waterbinding capacity of all products based on proteins. The big advantage is a much better structure and juiciness of all types of protein food products. DANINE 10 does not chance the natural protein structure at all. DANINE 10 can be used in most food applications based on proteins, like poultry, fish and meat. It can be used in whole muscle pieces, as well as in minced products: DANINE 10 will improve the quality of the product. DANINE 10 is a highly concentrated product and is recommended to be processed in a brine, preferably in combination with a minimum dosage of salt.

The dosage rate of DANINE 10 is 0.8 to 1.3 %, calculated on the finished meat product