Mission, vision and values

In the modern world, the market of human food is developing with the highest speed and passion.

It is the mission of Pintar Food Solutions to advice our business relationships on market and product development, focused on the modern meat- poultry- and fish industry. By combining high added value ingredients, we offer a wide range of products with which our relationships produce the most up-to-date products with a natural appearance and taste.

Our goal is to support our relationships with developing natural high quality products at a valuable cost. We use our vision of combining the most modern ingredients with technological expertise to achieve our goal.

Pintar Food Solutions prefers cooperation above competition. Because of our close cooperation with our distributors as well as with our business partner Mastermix (part of the Korrel Beheer), we are able to combine our technological knowledge and experience with the excellent market competence of our distributors and the decades of experience and knowledge of the highest level of Mastermix in production and quality control.