With more than 40 years of experience in the international product- and business development.

With more than 40 years of experience in the international product- and business development, our team has the highest possible knowledge of combining functional ingredients for every market and application in the meat, fish and poultry industry. We are able to combine high technological competence with practical meat processing experience.
As a relatively small team, we are able to respond quickly to all questions asked and keep up a high level of flexibility. Our market demands these values and we understand that we need to fulfill that demand.

Managing Director: Michel Hoskens

“Started working for our family business in 1992, I learned every detail of the ingredient business step-by-step. In 1996 we started a second ingredient company of which I took the lead to develop the international spices and functional ingredient customers. In 2003 I took the opportunity to start developing the same portfolio for the company Mastermix. After several positions in other companies, I decided to establish Pintar Food Solutions (together with my partner Mastermix).
Working in a segment where tradition is combined with modern technologies, it is essential that Pintar Food Solutions will bring added value into the market. Functional ingredients are essential for our customers to be able to produce traditional products in the most up-to-date process and with the most sophisticated ingredients.”

Michel Hoskens - Managing Director
Michel Hoskens - Managing Director

Senior Technological Consultant: Fred Hoskens

“Since I started to work in the meat ingredient business in the early 80’s, I realized after years that the international meat market is rather complex. During my decades of career in the meat ingredient business I noticed traditional production methods were highly valued. I saw in those days that for the consumers traditional products equals high quality products. But for producers at the same time it became essential to maintain the volume growth, due to a strongly growing global demand.
Today we at Pintar Food Solutions understand that production-efficiency of meat, poultry and fish products can very well be combined with an excellent level of quality. With our concepts – like for example Danine 10 – Pintar Food Solutions will support our customers with improving the quality and at the same time will contribute to the necessary cost control of meat, poultry and fish products. With my solid educations and many years of experience I’m working on supporting our business relationships with technological knowledge of ingredients, recipes and production methods. ”

Fred Hoskens - Senior Technological Consultant
Fred Hoskens - Senior Technological Consultant
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